Entrants List

Nottingham Congress 2019

Only entrants that have had their details validated and have paid their entry fee will be shown below. If you think your name is missing from the entrants list then please contact the organisers.

Last updated: 17/01/2019 15:47:20
Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Zapolskis, Antanas Greater London chess club 216
Munshi, Aditya

Number of Players = 2

Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Reid, Patrick Braunstone 140
Wright, Dennis 136
Boudkeev, Timour (Switzerland)

Number of Players = 3

Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Sutton, Andrew P Nottingham Central 122
Jackson, Paul 115

Number of Players = 2

Name Club ECF Grade Bye
Sharp, Christopher Derby 105
Fischer, Paul Lincoln 104
Young, Alastair nomads 80
McCoan, Oliver North Norfolk 73
Bullington, Stuart Ecclesall Chess Club

Number of Players = 5