Standing Orders of the Executive Committee

The following are the standing orders of procedure for the NCA Executive Committee:

  1. Objectives
    1. oversee the day to day running of the Association and make any decisions unless precluded by item 12 of the constitution;
    2. ensure that all general meetings are convened in accordance with the Constitution, and provide advice on constitutional matters to those meetings;
    3. oversee the finances of the Association;
    4. appoint officers where vacancies exist until the next general meeting;
    5. endeavour to promote chess within Nottinghamshire under the terms of item 2 of the constitution; and
    6. consider the development strategy for the Association.
  2. Membership
    The membership of the committee shall be the President, Secretary, Treasurer and four elected members invited by the other EC members.
  3. Procedure
    1. the quorum shall be four;
    2. the Chairman, who shall have a vote and a second casting vote, shall be the President, if present;
    3. meetings will take place at least every four months; and
    4. minutes will be taken and published of all meetings.