League Management Committee Standing Orders

  1. Purpose

    The League shall be controlled by a League Management Committee which shall:
    1. Organise the League into such divisions as circumstances permit.
    2. Organise the compilation of a fixture list.
    3. Organise the distribution to clubs at least 14 days before the start of the season of the League handbook.
    4. Arbitrate on all disputes, its decisions being final, and publish its decisions and interpretations.

  2. Membership

    1. The Committee shall have nine members, consisting of the League Secretary, Records Secretary and seven members elected by the NCA. Where the posts of League Secretary and Records Secretary are both held by one individual, there shall be eight elected members.
    2. The elected members must be from different clubs.
    3. Where the League Secretary and Records Secretary are both from the same club then no elected member can be from that club.

  3. Procedure

    1. The quorum shall be five
    2. The Committee shall elect a chairman, who shall have a vote and a casting vote.
    3. There must be at least five members voting on any issue for a valid decision
    4. No member may vote on any issue directly concerning their club, except by joint decision of the other members where there are not five eligible to vote.
    5. Minutes will be taken of all meetings and published on the NCA website.

  4. The League Secretary shall:

    1. Have the discretion to admit new teams into the bottom division not later than 31st December
    2. Receive notification of disputes, call LMC meetings, prepare witnesses and collect relevant information.
    3. Send entry forms for the following season to all clubs by 31st May.

  5. The Records Secretary shall:

    1. Validate match results, send them to the grading officer and bulletin editor, and compile league tables
    2. Deal as he or she deems most equitable with incorrectly formulated results

  6. The Grading Results Officer shall submit all games played in the league for grading.