North East Midlands On-Line Chess Club

Article by Phil Morgan

With no Over The Board Chess since March, 2020, many players have switched to on-line chess. The Rolls Royce Chess Club has organised regular play since then. The founder members were from the Rolls Royce, Derby club. They widened their doors to welcome players from throughout our region.

In recognition of this wider membership, the club has now been relaunched as the North East Midlands Chess Club. The Club meets on the lichess server. It is listed as a team for all club players from Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and their friends. Some of these friends are from other counties and countries. In 2020 the club played a number of friendly matches, culminating in an exciting match with a club from Jerusalem which ended in a tie, 120-120. Future club friendly fixtures are planned, to include players of all levels.

If you have yet to take the plunge into online chess, the lichess server offers a very good chance to sample this. You can play games at a time-limit of your choice. If your appetite developes, you might want to apply to join the North East Midlands Club. I suspect this progressive club will far outlast the Lockdown.