League Management System

Article by Phil Morgan

On this website if you click on the League results section you won’t, as yet, find any results. You will find a link to the League Management System. Click on this and you will find all reported match results and much more.

Click on a Division and you will find all match results. Click on the match score to show the detailed match card. You can also click on to League tables for each division.

You can also click on to individual clubs if you want to check your club’s result, or if you are very brave, check on Player Stats. There’s no hiding from these.

The new system enables captains to post results as soon as games are completed. The match results immediately update League tables and Player Stats.

If you are missing results as they used to appear, I would urge you to take a step into LMS, where you will find a much quicker and more detailed results service than we could offer in the past. Thanks to Mike Naylor for his work in inputting the player information required to implement this new tool for following Notts League Chess.

Results from the first month already show patterns emerging.

In Division 1 Grantham 1 look likely to offer their usual formidable title challenge. Ashfield 1 look to face their now customary battle against relegation.

In Division 2 Grantham 2 and West Bridgford 1 are setting a hot pace. Ashfield 2 and Nomads 1 fought out promotion last season. There is still very little between these teams, who now find themselves at the wrong end of the table, just ahead of Gambit 3.

In Division 3 Beeston suffered an early reverse, but their win against Radcliffe & Bingham 1 suggests it may be within their compass to achieve a third successive promotion.

In Division 4, the two West Nottingham teams find themselves at opposite ends of the table, as the two West Bridgford teams do in Division 5.

If you like to follow the fluctuations of League chess, you can now do this quicker, better and closer to the action.