Notts Correspondence Team 2020

Article by Phil Morgan

Our County Correspondence Team revived in 2018. After two successful seasons, we have been promoted , to Division 1 of the British Counties competition, the Ward-Higgs. We are the only Midlands County team in the division of 9. The other teams are Lancashire, Yorkshire, Surreye, Hertfordshire, East Wales, West Wales and Essex A and B.

Six of our team played in our two previous campaigns I.e. Jon Tait, Alex Combie, Glenn Halfpenny, John Shaw, Simon Scott and myself. We welcome two new players, Richard Webster on Board 2 and Kevin Richardson, a devotee of correspondence chess from the old postal school.

We have got off to a solid start. SIM Jon Tait , who likes to crack on with his games, has drawn his two games with SIM Keith Kitson. Of the 72 players taking part, over 30 are titled players, including two Correspondence G.M.s. Among the untitled players is Susan Lalic.

We hope to give a good account of ourselves in the top tier of Counties Correspondence Chess.