Notts League Season Review 2018-19

Article by Phil Morgan

League fixtures were scheduled to be completed before the Easter week-end. Four unplayed fixtures will extend the season for the best part of a month. Each of these will have a bearing on promotion or relegation outcomes

Division 1

Congratulations to Grantham 1, dominant League Champions, dropping just one point over the season. The runners-up will not be known until the 9th May Mansfield 1 v Newark 1 fixture. Mansfield need to win. A draw would secure Newark 1 the runners-up position.

Ashfield 1 and Grantham 2 are relegated.

Division 2

Congratulations to University 1 on winning the division. University fielded some strong players this season and will hope some of those and other new recruits will be around for next season’s tougher campaign. Ashfield 2 pipped Nomads 1 as runners-up, saving their first team’s bacon.

Ashfield 3 are relegated. Newark 2’s game v West Bridgford 1 on 13 May will decide who accompanies them. Newark need to win to vault above Gambit 3.

Division 3

Congratulations to Grantham 3, the winners and West Notts 2, runners-up.

Gambit 4 are relegated. The Nomads 2 v West Bridgford 2 game on 29 April will decide who joins then. A point would ensure each team’s safety. Central 1 look vulnerable.

Division 4

Congratulations to Beeston, winners and West Bridgford 3, runners-up. Nomads 3 and Ashfield 4 are relegated.

Division 5

Gambit 5 are promoted. A win for University 2 v EMCA 2 would confirm University 2 as the divisional winners. I hope the EMCA juniors have enjoyed the experience of playing League chess.

Each divisions has provided competitive play, and there have been refreshingly few disputes this season!