Grantham Train De-Railed

Article by Phil Morgan

Grantham 1, imperious last season, started this season with Business As Usual. They won their first 3 games by scores of 4-1, 4-1 and 4.5-0.5. They won all games last season, and so it has come as a shock that they have since suffered 2 defeats, albeit to their main title rivals, Mansfield 1 and Gambit 1, who now head them in the table. It will be a very tall order now for Grantham to successfully defend their title against these 2 strong, well-motivated rivals. An exciting 3-way title race seems in prospect.

Grantham 2, relegated from Division 1 by choice, were expected by most to be the strongest team in Division 2. They set off this season, like their first team. They won their first 3 games by scores of 4-1, 4-1 and 3.5- 1.5, before the wheels came off. A weakened team lost at Ashfield 2 before promoted Nomads 1 inflicted another defeat on them. They then incurred their third straight loss to a handy-looking Gambit X by the score of 3.5 – 1.5. Division 2 now seems wide-open, with very little between any of the teams.

Grantham 3 sit in mid-table in Division 3. They too have lost their last 2 matches. Since 24 October, the Grantham club has played 7 matches and lost all of them. This has been a mensis horribilis, showings the wonderful unpredictability of our team sport.

Grantham will of course bounce back. 2 home games on 29.11.17 against Ashfield 1 and Students 2 offer at least 1 very good chance of the club getting back on the winning track.