Mickey Adams Simultaneous

Report by David Levens

The simultaneous display given by Mickey Adams against 25 players last Saturday, September 17th, at Ludorati Cafe, Maid Marian Way was a resounding success. Mickey Adams, a five times winner of the British Championship and, at one time, World number 4 for two years, remains a Super GM! He won 22, drew 2 (against Ray Evans of Long Eaton and Chris Budd of West Bridgford) and lost just one to yours truly of West Nottingham. View game

It was very pleasing to see so many players and spectators there, including five juniors from West Nottingham. These were Jonah Willow, Hambel Willow, Daniel Chen, Anita Somton and Adi Munshi. Thirteen year old Jonah played superbly and was the last to finish, losing eventually in an ending of Rook, Bishop and 2 pawns against Adams' Rook, opposite coloured Bishop (!) and 3 pawns. Jonah only lost in the end as other players fell by the wayside and Mickey began coming round faster and faster, eventually managing to sacrifice his Rook for Jonah's Bishop and pawn and leaving himself with a bishop and two connected passed pawns v Jonah's Rook. At the very least, if Jonah continues the way he is going now, I am certain, that he will become a strong IM or even a GM himself in time.

Mickey Adams was varying his first move in strict rotation and Ray Evans and I were both pleased to realise we were going to face 1.e4, giving us a chance of a lively game by replying with a Sicilian. However, Ray was not so lucky as I was, as Mickey played an early Bb5+ after Ray's d6. Fortunately for me Mickey allowed me to play a Siclian Dragodorf, a most complex line that gives the simul giver many chances to go wrong. In the end I was a trifle lucky, as Mickey did indeed go wrong in a complex position after just 28 moves, but then I had missed the best earlier too. That's chess!