News – 2016–17

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Obituary for Stephen Foster (23rd Dec)

It is with great sadness that Nottingham Central Chess Club announce the death of Stephen Foster, long time member and first team captain. He also represented Notts many times in team events and was captain of the county's Correspondence Chess team in recent times.

He died peacefully in his sleep at home on Sunday 11th December after a long period of declining health. We are sure his many friends in the Nottingham chess community will remember him with affection.

Stephen regularly took part in competitions. Here are a couple of games that he played.

Inter-County U120 Championship: Warwickshire 5-7 Nottinghamshire (18th Dec)

The U120 team make it 3 wins out of 3 after beating Warwickshire 7-5. They extend their lead at the top of the table to 4 points. Full Results

Inter-County U160 Championship: Nottinghamshire 8½-7½ Greater Manchester (18th Dec)

The U160 team beat Greater Manchester by the narrowest of margins in a match that wasn't decided until the last board. Full Results

Mansfield withdraw team from Division 4 (11th Dec)

Mansfield have withdrawn their team from Division 4 due to lacking a sufficient number of players. The match results will be removed from the league table but the games will still be graded.

Inter-County U140 Championship: Nottinghamshire 9-7 Lincolnshire (11th Dec)

The U140 team had a tougher match than expected against Lincolnshire but were able to win 9-7. Full Results

Inter-County U100 Championship: Nottinghamshire 9½-2½ Staffordshire (11th Dec)

The U100 team had a comfortable win over Staffordshire and were gifted a 4-0 head start when the opposition couldn't raise a full team. Full Results

Nottinghamshire County Championship (3rd Dec)

The 2016/17 County Champion is Jonah Willow (West Nottingham) with a score of 4/5. At the age of 13 he is the third youngest player to win the title. Full Results

Four Counties Juniors U130 Competition (21st Nov)

On Sunday the 6th November Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire competed at Nottingham High Junior School. The competition was won by Leicestershire with 6 points. Nottinghamshire finished in last place but there were great results from a number of Notts players against strong opposition. Full Report

Inter-County U100 Championship: Warwickshire 1½-10½ Nottinghamshire (20th Nov)

The U100 team thrashed Warwickshire 10½-1½ in their opening match of the season. On paper this looked to be a close match so it must have been quite a surprise for both teams. Full Results

Inter-County U140 Championship: Nottinghamshire 6-10 Worcestershire (20th Nov)

The U140 team lost 10-6 to Worcestershire in their opening match of the season. This was a disappointing result for Nottinghamshire as they had the better grading average overall but lost too many games on the top boards. Full Results

British Rapidplay (20th Nov)

The British Rapidplay took place in Leeds on 12-13 November. Anita Somton (West Notts) came first in the intermediate section with a score of 8½/11 and won the first prize of 400. Lavanya Maladkar (West Notts) came equal first in the Under 11 Trial with a perfect score of 5/5. In the open section Jim Burnett (Mansfield) and Jonah Willow (West Notts) both scored 6/11. Jonah won a 10 grading prize with a grading performance of 2109. In the minor section Chris Fraser (West Bridgford), Armaan Gogia (West Notts) and Vidura Mendis (West Notts) all scored 6/11. Here are the results for all the Notts players who took part in the competition (all scores out of 11 except where stated otherwise):

Scarborough Congress (11th Nov)

The Scarborough Congress was held in the Spa Centre on 21-23 October. There was a good turnout of Notts players at the competition. Michael Barnes (Gambit) came equal 2nd in the open section with a score of 4/5 and won 100 in prize money. Marcel Taylor (Radcliffe & Bingham) had similar success in the minor section, finishing equal 2nd with a score of 4/5 and winning 83.33 in prize money. Here are the results for all the notts players who took part in the competition (all scores out of 5):

Hull Congress (11th Nov)

The Hull Congress was held at the University on 14-16 October. Jim Burnett (Gambit) came equal 2nd in the open section with a score of 3½/5 and won 100 in prize money. Robert Taylor (Ashfield) came equal 3rd in the major section with a score of 3½/5 and won 50 in prize money. In the minor section Ray Sayer (Ashfield) finished mid table with a score of 2½/5.

Inter-County U120 Championship: Staffordshire 3½-8½ Nottinghamshire (11th Nov)

The U120 team scored another impress win, this time against Staffordshire and are at the top of leaderboard. Full Results

Inter-County Minor Championship: Warwickshire 10½-5½ Nottinghamshire (11th Nov)

The minor team suffered a humiliating defeat to Warwickshire and now must win their remaining matches to reach the knock out stages. Full Results

Inter-County U120 Championship: Nottinghamshire 9½-2½ Lincolnshire (29th Oct)

The U120 team scored a convincing 9½-2½ victory against Lincolnshire. Full Results

Inter-County Minor Championship: Lincolnshire 13-3 Nottinghamshire (29th Oct)

The minor suffered a heavy defeat to Lincolnshire by a score of 13-3. Full Results

English U11 Championship (23rd Oct)

The English U11 Championship took place at Nottingham Junior High School on 15-16 October. There were 35 juniors taking part in the competition and the winner was Lavanya Maladkar (West Notts) with a score of 5/5. Nottingham Juniors have now won this prestigious title 4 times, but Lavanya is the only girl champion in its long history. Full Report

Nottinghamshire Competitions (18th Oct)

The online entry forms are now available to use for the County Championship, Rapidplay and Congress competitions. You can also download pdf versions of the entry forms if you prefer to enter by post.

Competition Date Paper Entry Form Online Entry Form
County Championship 19-20 Nov 2016 Download Entry Form Enter Online
Nottingham Rapidplay 29 Jan 2017 Download Entry Form Enter Online
Nottingham Congress 1-2 Apr 2017 Download Entry Form Enter Online

If you have any problems with the online entry forms please contact the webmaster. For any general enquiries about the competitions please contact the organiser.

Executive Committee meeting minutes (9th Oct)

The minutes for the Executive Committee meeting held on 30th September is now available to view on the website.

County U14s Championship (9th Oct)

The NYCA U14 County Championships were held in Northampton on Sunday 25th September. Nottinghamshire finished second overall just behind Sussex but ahead of Kent. Full Report

Mickey Adams Simultaneous (21st Sep)

The simultaneous display given by Mickey Adams against 25 players last Saturday, September 17th, at Ludorati Cafe, Maid Marian Way was a resounding success. Mickey Adams, a five times winner of the British Championship and, at one time, World number 4 for two years, remains a Super GM! He won 22, drew 2 and lost just 1. Full Report

Executive Committee Meeting (17th Sep)

The executive Committee will meet on Friday 30th September. If you would like to attend, or if there is something you would like us to discuss, please contact the Executive Committee.

Darnall FIDE Rapidplay (17th Sep)

Several Notts players entered the Darnall FIDE Rapidplay on 3rd September. Anita Somton (West Notts) won the intermediate section with a score of 5½/6 and received 100 in prize money. Drag Sudar (Gambit) came equal 3rd in the major section with a score of 4/6 and won 12.50 in prize money. Here are a list of all Notts players that took part in the competition (all scores out of 6):

Mickey Adams Simultaneous Chess Exhibition in Nottingham (12th Sep)

On Saturday, September 17th, at 1pm, a simultaneous chess exhibition with the British Chess Champion Mickey Adams will be held at Ludorati cafe bar in Nottingham. Mickey will be taking on all comers all at once!

To reserve your seat at a table with Mickey Adams you must pre-register at The 12 entry fee to play Mickey to be paid at the door. Spectators are free. See the press release for further details.

National Chess Day (3rd Sep)

The National Chess Day will take place on Saturday 10th September at Nottingham Railway Station to support the mental health charity, Mind. A 6 round blitz event will start at 12.00 noon. Entry fee is 20 and 50% of all monies collected will be used for prizes. Please come along and show your support.

CWANG 2016 (3rd Sep)

The annual CWANG event took place on Thursday 18th August 2016 at the Horse 'n' Groom. Gambit emerged winners on 25 points. Full Report

Nottinghamshire Events (21st Aug)

The dates have been confirmed for the Nottinghamshire events running in the 2016-17 season:

County Championship 19-20 Nov 2016
Nottingham Rapidplay 29 Jan 2016
Nottingham Congress 1-2 Apr 2016

Controllers Wanted (21st Aug)

Message from Robert Richmond

With the retirement of Neil Graham as Chief Controller the controlling team for the Congress and Rapidplay needs strengthening. Volunteers needed - no experience necessary, just the right sort of mind to get your head around the Swiss Pairing Rules. Simon Scott and I are interested in doing the basic ECF arbiters course, which takes a weekend, and it would be good to organise a party. The Association will pay the fee (from retained congress profits).

Grading Changes (21st Aug)

Message from Robert Richmond

ECF are planning to introduce monthly updates to published grades. To make this feasible member organisations will be provided with League Management software. The money to pay for this was approved at the recent ECF meeting - 2K per year over 5 years - effectively a one-off 1 on membership. The final go ahead will be decided at the ECF meeting in October and I have no doubt that it will be approved. Implementation will start from the 2017/18 season.

League Management systems have several advantages. Captains will select player names from a pre-determined menu, which should improve accuracy, particularly for opponents names. There is no copying of results, which should make life easier for the Records Secretary and grader. It could lead to even quicker posting of results, though this may depend on how we configure the system.

British Championships (16th Aug)

The British Championships was held at Bournemouth this year and began on Saturday 23rd July. There were a number of Notts players taking part in the competition with success for both junior and senior players.

Aditya Munshi (West Notts) is the British Under 12 Champion and won 187.50 prize money for finishing equal first in the U12 section with a score of 6/7.

Daniel Chen (West Notts) came =12th in the U9 section with a score of 4/7.

David Levens (West Notts) came =6th in the Over 65 section with a score of 4½/7.

A selection of games is now available for replay.


Best Game Prizes 2015-16 (14th Aug)

There were sixteen entries for this year, though only four were eligible for the U140. Our judge for this year was Nigel Birtwistle. As most judges choose to do, he made the decisions without knowing the identities of the players. All the games are included in the report and come with annotations. Full Report

Premier League Football Fantasy Football (9th Aug)

Premier League Football Fantasy football commences on Saturday - here's your chance to beat an IM by joining the Premier Chess League. Prospective Peps, Arsenes or even David Moyes can find the League at and the join code is 653430-183086. Real names please - no pseudonyms.

LMC meeting minutes (31st Jul)

The minutes for the LMC meeting held on Friday 22nd July is now available on the website.

League Rule Changes for the coming season (31st Jul)

There are three changes which will each make a big difference in its own way - time limit, player eligibility for lower teams and order of strength. Full Report

County Championship Final Weekend (10th Jul)

The Finals of the County Championship took place on Saturday 2nd July. In the U120 section Nottinghamshire beat Warwickshire 8-4 to become National Champions for the second time in three years. A report on the day is available to read and the results have been added to the website.

South Lakes Congress (3rd Jul)

Report from Maurice Hill

A number of Nottinghamshire players entered the South Lakes Congress this year and were, by and large, successful.

Jim Burnett took the Best Veterans Prize in the Open (won by Keith Arkell) by coming =4-7th with 3½pts (ECF 197 and TPR 219).

Maurice Hill, in the Major, came =2-8th with 3½ pts and received a Grading Prize since the second prize, when divided between the seven, would have been miniscule! (ECF 147 and TPR 180). David Levens, having a bad tournament, scored 1½pts.

Ray Sayer came =8-15th in the Minor 1 Section with 3pts (ECF 116 TPR130) and Marcel Taylor =22-26th with 2pts.

For full results please go to the Cumbria Chess Association website.

AGM Meeting Papers (3rd Jul)

The AGM will take place at West Notts CC on Monday 11th July from 7:30pm. The agenda and supporting papers are available to download.

County Championship Semi-Final Weekend (3rd Jul)

The Semi-Finals of the County Championship took place on Saturday 11th June. There were 3 teams from Nottinghamshire competing in the U140, U120 and U100 sections. The results are as follows:

U100 Nottinghamshire 5-7 Essex Full Results
U120 Nottinghamshire 7½-4½ Norfolk Full Results
U140 Nottinghamshire 6-10 Worcestershire Full Results

MCCU Congress (3rd Jul)

The MCCU Congress will be taking place at Walsall on 13-14 August. This is a 5 round tournament and is part of the ECF Grand Prix and the MCCU Grand Prix. There are sections for all levels of playing ability. Further details can be found on the MCCU Congress website.