Four Counties Juniors U130 Competition

Report by Hambel Willow

On Sunday the 6th November Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire competed at Nottingham High Junior School. Congratulations to Leicestershire, who won all three matches, and are the new champions. The scoring was 2 points for a match win and 0 for a loss in teams of 12. Despite the disappointing end score for our team, it didn’t reflect their play and we were outgraded in many of the matches. Two of the matches were closely fought. Overall, the standard of chess was very strong and the team had a good attitude.

There were some fantastic individual results, from Asta Knight (who scored 2½/3), Lavanya Maladkar (2/3) and Ben Gilpin (2/3). Alexandra Arlachova won in the first round, but then had to leave. Due to illness we had to play a team member short for the remaining two matches. Ritika Maladkar led the team on board one, scoring 1/3.

1st Leicestershire 6 match points
2nd Yorkshire 4 match points
3rd Lincolnshire 2 match points
4th Nottinghamshire 0 match points

To see the full results, please following the links on the Leicestershire chess association website: