Best Individual Wins

Article by Phil Morgan

The League season 2016-17 had a good crop of surprise results across the divisions.

Jack Litherland 64 beat James Wellington 125 E
Malcolm Hargreaves 72 beat J Wellington 125 E
Ian Burridge 156 beat Alex Posazhennikov 207 E
Steve Burke 165 beat Jon Tait 216
Ken Heath 72 beat Alberto Rodrigues 116
Ross Murphy 141 beat Peter Cusick 179
Matthilde Willson- Drummond 59 beat M Spencer 97
Mike Hunter 124 beat Alex Bentley 158
Phil Morgan 149 beat Peter Mercs 183

John Harrison, Graham Gibson and Graeme Jennings have also defeated players graded 30 points or more above them.

There have also been many draws between players with a wide grading disparity.

What do we make of such results.? The lower your grade is may help your prospect of claiming a good scalp. Often players can play to a higher level than their grading . Some of the winners above had other good results. These were not isolated good performances out of the blue.

I think it’s heartening that such results occur. Higher graded player should be made to work to win, Underdogs with hard work, application and belief can on their day defeat them.

Maybe we got a bit lucky. Then as champion golfer, Gary Player, noted, “ The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.”