Handicap knockout tournament 2007–08

This is a rapidplay tournament for teams of three players. Players are handicapped by time, depending on the difference in grade between the players.

Round 1
Before 23 November
Round 2
Before 8 February
H Newark B
A Bigmat Yobs 3½
 H Newark B 4
A Mansfield 5
H Mansfield
A WN Nightmare 2½
 A Mansfield
 H University Wiseheads 3½
WN Fantasy
 H University Wiseheads W/O
 A WN Fantasy Def
H Bingham Bandoleros 3½
A University Wiseheads
 Gambit Boys 2
 Mansfield 7
H Gambit Boys 7
A WN Illusion 2
 H Navigation Knockouts 0
 A Gambit Boys 9
H Ashfield 4½
A Navigation Knockouts
 H Gambit Boys 9
 A Radcliffe Rapscallions 0
Newark A
 H Radcliffe Rapscallions 5
 A Newark A 4
H WN Daydream 3½
A Radcliffe Rapscallions
WN = West Nottingham

Match details

Round 1

Newark B – Bigmat Yobs (8 November 2007)
Bigmat YobsB1B2B3Total
A1Sudar, D.(138)½11
A2Tassi, J.(128)0000
A3Hobson, B.(86)0101
Newark BA1A2A3
B1Coates, D.(164)½11
B2Blake, R.(148)0101
B3Wollerton, G.(131)0112

Mansfield – West Nottingham Nightmare (22 November 2007)
West Nottingham NightmareB1B2B3Total
A1Levens, D.(158)01½
A2Kingston, I.(155)0000
A3Willoughby, R.(107)0101
B1Tait, J.(191)1113
B2Morrison, K.(158)0101
B3Wagenbach, J.(142)½11

Bingham Bandoleros – University Wiseheads (13 November 2007)
University WiseheadsB1B2B3Total
A1Satz, A.(138)1113
A2Sargeant, C.(100e)0½0½
A3Jacobs, P.(95)1012
Bingham BandolerosA1A2A3
B1London, N.(122)0101
B2Nailard, M.(109)0½1
B3Redburn, B.(103)0101

Gambit Boys – West Nottingham Illusion (20 November 2007)
Gambit BoysB1B2B3Total
A1Barnes, M.(196)1113
A2Mercs, P.(170)0112
A3Ali, H.(85)0112
West Nottingham IllusionA1A2A3
B1Bhajantri, A.(130e)0112
B2Zhang, M.(90)0000
B3Clegg, T.(58)0000

Ashfield – Navigation Knockouts (7 November 2007)
Navigation KnockoutsB1B2B3Total
A1Harvey, K.(142)½11
A2Moore, M.(99)0011
A3James, M.(40e)0011
B1Taylor, R.(129)½11
B2Morgan, D. P.(109)0112
B3Morrey, A.(107)0000
Navigation Knockouts win as lower-graded team

West Nottingham Daydream – Radcliffe Rapscallions (26 November 2007)
West Nottingham DaydreamB1B2B3Total
A1Burley, P.(111)0101
A2Mould, P.(80e)0½0½
A3Holliday, L.(50e)0112
Radcliffe RapscallionsA1A2A3
B1Taylor, M.(111)1113
B2Morrell, L.(83)0½0½
B3Buttery, J.(74)1102

Round 2

Newark B – Mansfield (31 January 2008)
Newark BB1B2B3Total
A1Coates, D.(164)1102
A2Ladds, G.(154)0112
A3Blake, R.(142)0000
B1Tait, J.(191)0112
B2Cantrill, C.(160)0011
B3Oldham, B.(125)1012

Navigation Knockouts – Gambit Boys (5 February 2008)
Navigation KnockoutsB1B2B3Total
A1Harvey, K.(142)0000
A2Allen, P.(101)0000
A3Moore, M.(99)0000
Gambit BoysA1A2A3
B1Barnes, M.(196)1113
B2Mercs, P.(170)1113
B3Ali, H.(85)1113

Radcliffe Rapscallions – Newark A (24 January 2008)
Radcliffe RapscallionsB1B2B3Total
A1Morley, S.(80)0112
A2Buttery, J.(74)0112
A3Attwood, C.(65e)0011
Newark AA1A2A3
B1Combie, A.(148)1113
B2Hargreaves, M.(78)0011
B3Clurow, G.(70e)0000


Gambit Boys – Radcliffe Rapscallions (18 March 2008)
Radcliffe RapscallionsB1B2B3Total
A1Morley, S.(80)0000
A2Buttery, J.(74)0000
A3Attwood, C.(65e)0000
Gambit BoysA1A2A3
B1Barnes, M.(196)1113
B2Mercs, P.(170)1113
B3Ali, H.(85)1113

University Wiseheads – Mansfield (6 May 2008)
University WiseheadsB1B2B3Total
A1Posazhennikov, A.(199)½½12
A2Emanuel, J.(166)00½½
A3Sargeant, C.(100e)0011
B1Tait, J.(191)½11
B2Morrison, K.(158)½11
B3Wagenbach, J.(142)0½0½


Gambit Boys – Mansfield (10 June 2008)
Gambit BoysB1B2B3Total
A1Barnes, M.(196)0000
A2Mercs, P.(170)0011
A3Ali, A.(84)0011
B1Tait, J.(191)1113
B2Morrison, K.(158)1113
B3Wagenbach, J.(142)1001



The event is open to all chess players, in teams of three.

Entry is free.

Each club should nominate a club email secretary to whom information on pairings and contact will be sent out. The information will also be made available more widely, including this web site.

All teams must identify a captain responsible for organising the team and contacting the controller.

Information on pairings and contacts will be sent out to all nominated captains, preferably by email. The home captain is responsible for confirming the date of the match at least 10 days before the match. The home team is responsible for providing all equipment. Normal ECF Rapidplay rules apply. Players do not have to keep score.

All entries must be received by Friday 21 September 2007.

Entries are restricted to 32 teams.


Each team consists of three players who play all opposition team members. Each club may enter as many separate teams as it wishes, but no person may play for more than one team in each season.


If a player does not have a current grade, the captain should contact the controller before the match so that a suitable estimate can be used.


The competition will be a straight knockout with a prearranged match draw.

As soon as possible after the entries are received all captains will be contacted with the dates within which rounds will be played.

Each match will consist of 9 games with each player having 3 games with a total time limit of 40 minutes per game split between the two players. A gap of 5–10 minutes should be allowed between games.

The teams must be listed in grade order; the team with the lower total grade will be team A and the higher team B. In the event of the teams being of equal total grade, the away team will be team A.

The pairings will be:

Game 1:B3 v A1A2 v B1A3 v B2
Game 2:B2 v A1A2 v B3B1 v A3
Game 3:A1 v B1B2 v A2A3 v B3

The players start with a nominal 20 minutes each and the time handicap will adjust it as follows:

Grading diff.Lower gradedHigher graded

(Note the change to the times for large grading differences. In previous seasons heavily outgraded teams have not been able to take advantage of the handicap.)

An example: In the match of Bloggs v Smiths, Fred Bloggs (Grade 99) plays Sam Smith (Grade 75) and so has 15 minutes v Sam’s 25 minutes. Fred then plays Sarah Smith (Grade 129) and has 27 minutes v Sarah’s 13 minutes.

In the event of a drawn match the lower graded team will win. The winning team must send the result to the controller within seven days.