Handicap knockout tournament 2005–06

This is a rapidplay tournament for teams of three players. Players are handicapped by time, depending on the difference in grade between the players.

Eighteen teams entered the 2005–06 competition, which was won by Bigmat Yobs (Gambit), who defeated The League Champions (Mansfield) 5½–3½ in the final.

Preliminary roundRound 1
w/c 31 October
Round 2
w/c 30 January
6 March
H WN Illusion 3½
A Bingham Bombers
H Bingham Bombers 2
A Bigmat Yobs 7
H Ashfield Astra 4½
A Bigmat Yobs
H Newark B 4
A Ashfield Astra 5
H Fiveways 0
A Bigmat Yobs 9
H WN Daydream 4
A Fiveways 5
H Fiveways
A Ashfield Allstars 3½
H Ashfield Allstars 5
A Bunkers B 4
H Bigmat Yobs
A The League Champions 3½
H Gambit Boys
A WN Fantasy 1½
H The League Champions 8
A Gambit Boys 1
H Newark A 4
A The League Champions 5
H WN Nightmare 3½
A The League Champions
H WN Nightmare 8
A Radcliffe Rockets 1
H Bunkers A 3½
A WN Nightmare
H University Wise Heads 3½
A Bunkers A
H Ashfield Academicals 2½
A University Wise Heads
WN = West Nottingham

Match details

Preliminary round

West Nottingham Illusion – Bingham Bombers (10 October 2005)
West Nottingham IllusionB1B2B3Total
A1Williamson, E.(96)0½0½
A2Needham, R.(55)1012
A3Clegg, T.(49)0101
Bingham BombersA1A2A3
B1London, N.(133)1012
B2Nailard, M.(121)½10
B3Redburn, B.(95)1012

Ashfield Academicals – University Wise Heads (11 October 2005)
Ashfield AcademicalsB1B2B3Total
A1Taylor, R.(124)0011
A2Sayer, R.(109)0011
A3Dyce, R.(86)0½0½
University Wise HeadsA1A2A3
B1Emanuel, J.(164)1113
B2Billingham, J.(155)11½
B3Jones, D.(121)0011

Round 1

Bingham Bombers – Bigmat Yobs (1 November 2005)
Bingham BombersB1B2B3Total
A1London, N.(131)00½½
A2Nailard, M.(121)½00½
A3Redburn, B.(95)0011
Bigmat YobsA1A2A3
B1Barnes, M.(190)1½1
B2Sudar, D.(131)1113
B3Prescott, J.(102)½10

Newark B – Ashfield Astra (4 November 2005)
Newark BB1B2B3Total
A1Myers, R.(107)1113
A2Harper, G.(78)1001
A3Clurrow, G.(–)0000
Ashfield AstraA1A2A3
B1Halfpenny, G.(175)0011
B2Webster, R.(154)0112
B3Morgan, D. P.(128)0112

West Nottingham Daydream – Fiveways (31 October 2005)
A1Flynn, D.(137)0112
A2Best, I.(116)0½1
A3Thorsen, A.(104)½01
West Nottingham DaydreamA1A2A3
B1Grewal, B.(178)11½
B2Collins, J.(136)0½1
B3Willoughby, R.(111)0000

Ashfield Allstars – Bunkers B (9 November 2005)
Bunkers BB1B2B3Total
A1Moore, M.(88)0½½1
A2Chubb, A.(66)1½0
A3Blampied, D.(66)10½
Ashfield AllstarsA1A2A3
B1Morrey, A.(108)1001
B2Jackson, M.(108)½½12
B3Potter, C.(87)½1½2

Gambit Boys – West Nottingham Fantasy (1 November 2005)
West Nottingham FantasyB1B2B3Total
A1Lin, D.(104)0000
A2Day, J.(99)0011
A3Crawley, J.(78)00½½
Gambit BoysA1A2A3
B1Mercs, P.(172)1113
B2Roper, K.(125)1113
B3Carlton, A.(121)10½

Newark A – The League Champions (3 November 2005)
A1Wollerton, G.(132)0000
A2Blake, R.(133)1102
A3Combie, A.(126)½½12
The League ChampionsA1A2A3
B1Morrison, K.(159)10½
B2Tait, J. A.(194)11½
B3Wagenbach, J.(133)1001

West Nottingham Nightmare – Radcliffe Rockets (31 October 2005)
West Nottingham NightmareB1B2B3Total
A1Nguyen, M. N.(145e)1113
A2Kingston, I.(144)1113
A3Burley, P.(115)½1½2
Radcliffe RocketsA1A2A3
B1Day, T.(154)00½½
B2Murfet, G.(131)0000
B3Taylor, M.(126)00½½

University Wise Heads – Bunkers A (1 November 2005)
University Wise HeadsB1B2B3Total
A1Posazhennikov, A.(193)0112
A2Jones, D.(121)0000
A3Hamby, S.(97)0½1
Bunkers AA1A2A3
B1Harrison, J.(153)1113
B2Harvey, K.(138)01½
B3Radford, M.(120)0101

Round 2

Ashfield Astra – Bigmat Yobs (1 February 2006)
Bigmat YobsB1B2B3Total
A1Barnes, M.(190)1½1
A2Wright, A. J.(134)1012
A3Gibson, G.(99)0000
Ashfield AstraA1A2A3
B1Halfpenny, G.(175)0011
B2Webster, R.(154)½11
B3Morgan, P.(128)0011
Bigmat Yobs win as lower-graded team

Fiveways – Ashfield Allstars (30 January 2006)
Ashfield AllstarsB1B2B3Total
A1Morrey, A.(108)0000
A2Jackson, M.(108)½00½
A3Potter, C.(87)1113
B1Flynn, D.(137)1½0
B2Bhayat, S.(127)1102
B3Thorsen, A.(104)1102

The League Champions – Gambit Boys (2 February 2006)
Gambit BoysB1B2B3Total
A1Mercs, P.(172)0011
A2Roper, K.(126)0000
A3Carlton, A.(121)0000
The League ChampionsA1A2A3
B1Tait, J.(194)1113
B2Morrison, K.(159)1113
B3Wagenbach, J.(133)0112

Bunkers A – West Nottingham Nightmare (31 January 2006)
Bunkers AB1B2B3Total
A1Brameld, K.(142)1012
A2Harvey, K.(138)0000
A3Radford, M.(120)01½
West Nottingham NightmareA1A2A3
B1Nguyen, M. N.(175e)0112
B2Kingston, I.(144)1102
B3Burley, P.(115)01½


Fiveways – Bigmat Yobs (6 March 2006)
A1Flynn, D.(136)0000
A2Bhayat, S.(127)0000
A3Thorsen, A.(104)0000
Bigmat YobsA1A2A3
B1Barnes, M.(190)1113
B2Wright, A. J.(134)1113
B3Sudar, D.(131)1113

West Nottingham Nightmare – The League Champions (6 March 2006)
West Nottingham NightmareB1B2B3Total
A1Kingston, I.(144)0101
A2Keetley, M.(137)½10
A3Burley, P.(115)0011
The League ChampionsA1A2A3
B1Tait, J.(194)1½1
B2Morrison, K.(159)0011
B3Wagenbach, J.(133)1102


Bigmat Yobs – The League Champions (28 March 2006)
Bigmat YobsB1B2B3Total
A1Barnes, M.(190)1113
A2Wright, A. J.(134)11½
A3Sudar, D.(131)0000
The League ChampionsA1A2A3
B1Tait, J.(194)0011
B2Morrison, K.(159)0011
B3Wagenbach, J.(133)0½1



Each team consists of three players who play all opposition team members. Each club may enter as many separate teams but no person may play for more than one team.


If a player does not have a current grade, the captain should contact the controller before the match so that a suitable estimate can be used.


The competition will be a straight knockout with a prearranged match draw. Round one is in week commencing 31 October. Round 2, week commending 30 January. Depending on entries, a preliminary round may be held before 31 October.

Each match will consist of 9 games with each player having 3 games with a total time limit of 40 minutes per game split between the two players. A gap of 5–10 minutes should be allowed between games.

The teams should be listed in grade order; the team with the lower total grade will be team A and the higher team B.

The pairings will be:

Game 1:B3 v A1A2 v B1A3 v B2
Game 2:B2 v A1A2 v B3B1 v A3
Game 3:A1 v B1B2 v A2A3 v B3

The players start with a nominal 20 minutes each and the time handicap will adjust it as follows:

Grading diff.Lower gradedHigher graded

An example: In the match of Bloggs v Smiths, Fred Bloggs (Grade 99) plays Sam Smith (Grade 75) and so has 15 minutes v Sam’s 25 minutes. Fred then plays Sarah Smith Grade 129 and has 27 minutes v Sarah’s 13 minutes.

In the event of a draw the lower graded team will win. The winning team must send the result to the controller within seven days.