4NCL – 2005–06

Nottinghamshire fielded two teams in Division 4 of the Four Nations Chess League (4NCL) in 2005–06. Match results and reports are listed below.

Full details of the 4NCL can be found at the 4NCL web site. You can also check the current Division 4 results and standings.

First weekend

Richard Truman:

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the weekend, when we had mixed fortunes. The first team kicked off by drawing with Warwicks Select 2, by no means a bad result: there was very little difference in overall strength, so a close match was on the cards. It didn’t help, though, that yours truly missed a win that everybody else saw! The second team lost 5–1 to Brown Jack, and whilst the overall result was probably expected, it was tighter than the score suggests.

The Sunday went well for the second team, who won 4½–1½ against Oxford 3: we did outgrade them, but on the run of play we could possibly have done even better. The first team, however, weren’t so fortunate, as we went down 2½–3½ to Slough Sharks 4, whom we beat last season. We had a stronger team than last year, they had a weaker one, but...

Things could be worse: at least our two teams haven’t been drawn together in the next round!

David Levens:

Notts 2–Brown Jack

My initiation into the 4NCL started with an accident on the M6, which gave me a most frustrating journey to the Park Hotel (ex Moat House Hotel) in West Bromwich. In consequence my brain didn’t settle down until after the first 12 moves or so had been played, by which time I found myself struggling in an unfamiliar variation of the Sicilian against a very strong junior with a BCF grade of 166 – in reality probably more like 180! For all that, I managed to get a look at some of the other Notts games going on. Most of my colleagues in Notts 2, except for Brian Thompson, seemed to be having the worst of it: Richard Webster lost fairly quickly against the Albin–Chatard attack; I think I was the next to succumb; and Anjali Lakhani lost to the London System. This is not an easy system to deal with if you’re an experienced adult player and, unfortunately it proved too much for Anjali, who is only 12, even though she put up some spirited resistance. Tony Wright faced the sacrifice of a piece for three pawns, the pawns eventually proving the better. That left Boards 1 and 4 still battling on. Tim Walker, outgraded by 155 ELO points, put up strong resistance but was finally overwhelmed, while Brian secured our only point of the day.

Notts 1–Warwicks 2

Notts 1, with a side graded marginally better than their opposition, Warwickshire Select 2, managed a close-fought draw. Mike Barnes won impressively while Kishan Lakhani lost. Kishan thought he missed a win earlier; this was certainly quite possible as this was a very complicated game – Kishan’s opponent, with an ELO of 2080 (BCF 166) had sacrificed his queen for three minor pieces and eventually crashed through, though it was unclear for some time who was actually winning! I didn’t see much of the other games, but Andy Walker’s game came down to a drawn rook and pawn ending; Richard Truman’s game culminated in a bishop and pawn ending resulting in another draw (but where he seemingly missed the win); and Pete Mercs did well to hold his ending: two rooks vs. a rook, bishop and four pawns!? The most entertaining, however was Bob Richmond’s game. In very severe time trouble Bob managed to find not only the best moves but caused his opponent, a pawn up, quite a few problems too.

Notts 2–Oxford 3

On Sunday I was much more settled in my mind, but turned up to find that Richard Truman had ‘punished’ me for my loss the previous day by putting me on Board 1! I soon found myself facing a Colle System, but 12 moves later had scored a convincing win – my opponent was either losing his queen or about to be mated! [This game can be seen on the West Nottingham site – ed.] I confess that I didn’t watch much more after that, though I had the strong impression that Anjali should probably have won. However, Richard Webster and Tony Wright also reversed their scores of yesterday, while Brian Thompson scored a second win to be the only Notts player to finish with a 100% score for the weekend.

Notts 1–Slough Sharks 4

This time the first team were playing in another room so I saw very little of the games. They must have been disappointed to lose when they had the grading edge.

Round 1: 5 November 2005

Nottinghamshire 12113Warwickshire Select 22098
1Barnes, Michael H.22001 – 0Baruch, Andrew J. D.2180
2Richmond, Robert J.2190½ – ½Hunt, Malcolm A.2090
3Mercs, Peter J.2110½ – ½Lloyd, Alan D.2110
4Truman, Richard G.2070½ – ½Emanuel, John2070
5Walker, Andrew N.2095½ – ½Gordon, Callum2060
6Lakhani, Kishan20100 – 1Cooper, David M.2080
   3 – 3  

Nottinghamshire 21967Brown Jack2056
1Walker, Tim D.20500 – 1Headlong, Timothy2205
2Webster, Richard J.20800 – 1Richmond, Jane (F)2090
3Levens, David20250 – 1Hall, Daniel J.2080
4Thompson, Brian20151 – 0Hall, Joshua D.2020
5Wright, Antony J.18550 – 1Cabero, Pablo Padilla1955
6Lakhani, Anjali (F)18200 – 1Tomboline, David1985
   1 – 5  

Round 2: 6 November 2005

Slough Sharks 42057Nottinghamshire 12108
1Ufodike, Bel20901 – 0Barnes, Michael H.2200
2Cox, Tristan2095½ – ½Richmond, Robert J.2190
3Varnam, Liam D.21101 – 0Mercs, Peter J.2110
4Makepeace, Philip J.20500 – 1Truman, Richard G.2070
5Foster, Cyril2005½ – ½Burke, Stephen J.2065
6Lewis, Andrew1990½ – ½Lakhani, Kishan2010
   3½ – 2½  

Oxford 31897Nottinghamshire 21947
1Harrison, Pete R.19150 – 1Levens, David2025
2Smith, Jonathan19350 – 1Webster, Richard J.2020
3Hadi, Justin18950 – 1Thompson, Brian2030
4Bull, Philip1865½ – ½Graham, Neil1930
5Henbest, Kevin B.18550 – 1Wright, Antony J.1920
6Zhang, Marco19151 – 0Lakhani, Anjali (F)1755
   1½ – 4½  

Second weekend

Richard Truman:

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the weekend, which proved ‘interesting’ (!) The first team managed to win both matches against lower rated opposition, and are now 13th out of the 32 teams. However, it’s so tight that we’re only 1.5 board points off a promotion spot (four teams go up), so a couple of big wins could push us a long way up the table (have a look at the 4NCL website if that sounds improbable). We still had to put in a lot of hard work and also had some good fortune. Mike’s Saturday opponent and Pete’s Sunday opponent insisted on playing on interminably in completely drawn positions, whilst my own game on the Saturday was dead level until my opponent made a huge positional blunder. Andy had a nice win on the Sunday.

The second team did very well on the Saturday, despite being outgraded on every board: in fact, we came very close to winning. However, the Sunday was more of a struggle, and both matches had a number of blunders (I think there were three in Brian’s Sunday game alone), and the final blunder never seemed to go our way. One comment was that the players who had played on the Saturday seemed to be tired and a bit jaded on the Sunday: I can only say that if this was the case, it wasn’t due to a late night! Going out on the town is not that easy in West Bromwich...

Round 3: 3 December 2005

Nottinghamshire 12127Cavendish2035
1Barnes, Michael H.2200½ – ½Harman, Kenneth B.2160
2Richmond, Robert J.21901 – 0Scrimgour, Alan.2120
3Mercs, Peter J.21100 – 1Crichton, Martin.2035
4Halfpenny, Glenn2125½ – ½Hamblin, David J.2025
5Truman, Richard G.20701 – 0Tart, Peter2015
6Burke, Steven J.2065½ – ½Chapman, Timothy J.1855
   3½ – 2½  

Nottinghamshire 21955Warwickshire Select 22054
1Webster, Richard J.2020½ – ½Baruch, Andrew J. D.2180
2Thompson, Brian2030½ – ½Hunt, Malcolm A.2105
3Harrison, John20150 – 1Emanuel, John2070
4Graham, Neil1930½ – ½Cooper, David M.2080
5Wright, Antony J.19201 – 0Malik, Dani1955
6Lavelle, Terry W .18150 – 1Malik, Kaiser1935
   2½ – 3½  

Round 4: 4 December 2005

FCA Solutions1978Nottinghamshire 12113
1Elwin, Adrian G.20700 – 1Barnes, Michael H.2200
2Kendall, Paul S. N.20751 – 0Richmond, Robert J.2190
3Valentine, Brian J.1990½ – ½Mercs, Peter J.2110
4Matthews, Adrian19950 – 1Walker, Andrew N.2095
5Shaw, John S.1935½ – ½Truman, Richard G.2070
6Billsberry, Jon18000 – 1Lakhani, Kishan2010
   2 – 4  

Cavendish1985Nottinghamshire 21968
1Harman, Kenneth B.21601 – 0Webster, Richard J.2020
2Hamblin, David J.2025½ – ½Burke, Steven J.2065
3Crichton, Martin2035½ – ½Harrison, John2015
4Tart, Peter20151 – 0Thompson, Brian2030
5Chapman, Timothy J.18551 – 0Wright, Antony J.1920
6Upham, John E.1820½ – ½Lakhani, Anjali1755
   4½ – 1½  

Third weekend

Richard Truman:

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the weekend, when once again we had mixed fortunes. Both teams won by decent margins on the Saturday against weaker opposition: although the first team made heavy weather of it, we got there in the end, whilst the second team appeared to win very comfortably. On the Sunday it was a different matter. The second team did well against higher rated opposition, with Anjali clinching the match by winning what was the penultimate game of the entire round to finish (five hours and 60 moves plus!). The first team’s match proved, unfortunately, that Mr Murphy is alive and well, and his law definitely applies! Robert, Steve and myself all went badly wrong in good positions, with the result that we missed out on being in the top four by the end of the weekend.

Round 5: 11 February 2006

Nottinghamshire 12119Grendel’s Mother1972
1Richmond, Robert J.21900 – 1Osborne, David C.2085
2Barnes, Michael H.22001 – 0Bass, John W.2050
3Mercs, Peter J.21101 – 0Greely, Simon2010
4Walker, Andrew N.20950 – 1Hibbitt, Arthur M.1950
5Truman, Richard G.20701 – 0Butterworth, Paul1890
6Walker, Tim D.20501 – 0Flexman, Patrick1845
4 – 2

Nottinghamshire 21989Pontypridd1816
1Levens, David20251 – 0Adams, Mark A.2079
2Lakhani, Kishan2010½ – ½Taylor, Robert G.2002
3Webster, Richard J.2020½ – ½Davies, Peter L.1929
4Thompson, Brian2030½ – ½Lobo, Richard1945
5Wright, Antony J.19201 – 0Lobo, Robert J.1565
6Graham, Neil19301 – 0Warden, Peter1378
4½ – 1½

Round 6: 12 February 2006

Athenaeum 12148Nottinghamshire 12127
1Johansson, Toni21850 – 1Barnes, Michael H.2200
2Pedersen, Carsten21751 – 0Richmond, Robert J.2190
3Stevenson, James A. B.2195½ – ½Mercs, Peter J.2110
4Roberts, Paul2200½ – ½Halfpenny, Glenn2125
5Gruettner, Ralf21051 – 0Truman, Richard G.2070
6McLaughlin, Noel2030½ – ½Burke, Steven J.2065
3½ – 2½

Nottinghamshire 21965Braille Chess Association2016
1Levens, David2025½ – ½Mordue, A. Tyson2225
2Lakhani, Kishan20100 – 1Ross, Chris2165
3Webster, Richard J.20201 – 0Hilton, Steve2045
4Walker, Tim D.2050½ – ½Armstrong, William G.1985
5Graham, Neil1930½ – ½Gallagher, John1890
6Lakhani, Anjali (F)17551 – 0Thacker, Steve M.1785
3½ – 2½

Fourth weekend

Richard Truman

The weekend went well for the first team, who drew against Suffolk (a team with an almost identical average rating) on the Saturday and beat SCS comfortably on the Sunday. Peter had the misfortune to find himself playing out long endings in both matches! The second team did struggle a bit on the Saturday against Conquistadors (who drew with the first team last season) but on the Sunday did very well against a higher rated Cambridge team and could well have drawn with a bit more luck. The last weekend involves three games, and I imagine this could be difficult for a number of you.

Incidentally, at a captains’ meeting at the Nottingham weekend, we were unanimous in saying that we wanted the three-day weekend scrapped [the last three matches are to be played on 27–29 May – ed.], but we’re stuck with it for next year as well, and I guess this was because the dates had already been set.

Round 7: 18 March 2006

Nottinghamshire 12100The Suffolk Punches2104
1Richmond, Robert J.21901 – 0Munson, Shaun D.2225
2Mercs, Peter J.21100 – 1Gregory, Stephen J.2155
3Walker, Andrew N.2095½ – ½Wallis, Ian2100
4Halfpenny, Glenn2125½ – ½Gray, Mark S.2105
5Truman, Richard G.2070½ – ½Feavyour, John2035
6Lakhani, Kishan2010½ – ½Clapham, Michael2005
3 – 3

The Conquistadors1924Nottinghamshire 21935
1Osborne, Marcus E.22301 – 0Webster, Richard J.2020
2Prizant, Michael2135½ – ½Harrison, John2015
3Foster, James C.1950½ – ½Thompson, Brian2030
4Cork, David J.19551 – 0Graham, Oliver1975
5Sathirathu, Phanikumar16040 – 1Lakhani, Anjali (F)1755
6Auckland, Elliot16701 – 0Lavelle, Terry W. 1815
4 – 2

Round 8: 19 March 2006

SCS2050Nottinghamshire 12078
1Moyse, Nigel21600 – 1Richmond, Robert J.2190
2Reynolds, D. Ian2125½ – ½Mercs, Peter J.2110
3Lutton, E. Josiah2125½ – ½Truman, Richard G.2070
4Kilpatrick, Callum2070½ – ½Levens, David2025
5Heard, Andrew H.2030½ – ½Burke, Steven J.2065
6Lowry-O’Reilly, Hannah (F)17900 – 1Lakhani, Kishan2010
2 – 4

Cambridge University 22012Nottinghamshire 21945
1Gooding, Ian21000 – 1Webster, Richard J.2020
2Cooley, Oliver20851 – 0Harrison, John2015
3Campbell, Mark2005½ – ½Thompson, Brian2030
4Gallagher, Ian G.2010½ – ½Graham, Neil1930
5Webster, Peter19951 – 0Wright, Antony J.1920
6Kapadia, Sujit1875½ – ½Lakhani, Anjali (F)1755
3½ – 2½

Fifth weekend

Richard Truman

Thanks to everyone who turned out at the Bank Holiday weekend, when as usual we had a mixture of the good and the not so good. The first team kicked off with a draw against Guildford, who ended up getting promoted, which was a decent result (and thanks here to Michael McBeth for stepping in at what seemed like very short notice). We then came badly unstuck against Cheddleton (typified by yours truly making a fingerslip on move three (yes, 3!)), but recovered to thrash Monmouth and end up sixth, missing a promotion place by 3 points. This was really a fair bit adrift considering that we only played two of the five teams above us and how tight the division was. See the final table for details.

The second team had a relatively easy game against Addlestone on the Saturday, turned in a good result against Slough Sharks 4 (who beat the first team earlier in the season) on the Sunday, but on the Monday found SCS too strong: as one player commented, the first team ended up with then easier last round draw on paper.

Round 9: 27 May 2006

Guildford-ADC 42158Nottinghamshire 12114
1Richardson, Keith B.22401 – 0Barnes, Michael H.2200
2Abayasekera, Roger21850 – 1Richmond, Robert J.2190
3Allinson, Julian2205½ – ½Mercs, Peter J.2110
4Punnett, Alan K.21550 – 1Truman, Richard G.2070
5Stimpson, Philip M.2090½ – ½McBeth, Michael2050
6Smart, Michael R20701 – 0Burke, Steven J.2065
3 – 3

Addlestone1913Nottinghamshire 21944
1Dupré, Paul D.20500 – 1Lakhani, Kishan2010
2Gibson, Christopher19701 – 0Webster, Richard J.2020
3Klein, Cornelia (F)19050 – 1Thompson, Brian2030
4Albrecht, Theo1855½ – ½Graham, Neil1930
5Burgess, Thomas18200 – 1Wright, Antony J.1920
6Seale, Denis18750 – 1Lakhani, Anjali (F)1755
1½ – 4½

Round 10: 28 May 2006

Nottinghamshire 12122Cheddleton2090
1Barnes, Michael H.2200½ – ½Wallace, Paul2235
2Richmond, Robert J.2190½ – ½Acey, Gerald2140
3Mercs, Peter J.21100 – 1Buxton, David E.2110
4Truman, Richard G.20700 – 1Bennett, Patrick2080
5Walker, Andrew N.2095½ – ½Soames, Anthony R.2005
6Burke, Steven J.2065½ – ½Laurence, Geoffrey1970
2 – 4

Nottinghamshire 21958Slough Sharks 42030
1Lakhani, Kishan2010½ – ½Varnam, Liam D.2110
2Webster, Richard J.2020½ – ½Sparkes, Daniel A.2030
3Thompson, Brian2030½ – ½Makepeace, Philip J.2050
4Harrison, John20151 – 0Coates, David2025
5Wright, Antony J.19200 – 1Edgell, Ben P.2095
6Lakhani, Anjali (F)1755½ – ½Winchcombe, Andrew1870
3 – 3

Round 11: 29 May 2006

Monmouth1985Nottinghamshire 12083
1Varley, Peter21720 – 1Richmond, Robert J.2190
2Beveridge, Nigel K.20500 – 1Mercs, Peter J.2110
3Davis, Lee2025½ – ½Truman, Richard G.2070
4Waterfield, John20350 – 1Burke, Steven J.2065
5Roberts, Dave1863½ – ½McBeth, Michael2050
6Allford, Zane17640 – 1Lakhani, Kishan2010
1 – 5

Nottinghamshire 21912SCS2056
1Webster, Richard J.2020½ – ½Reynolds, D. Ian2125
2Thompson, Brian20300 – 1Lutton, E. Josiah2125
3Graham, Neil1930½ – ½Kilpatrick, Callum2070
4Wright, Antony J.1920½ – ½Sen, Subin2045
5Lakhani, Anjali1755½ – ½Heard, Andrew H.2030
6Lavelle, Terry W.18150 – 1Lutton, J. Arnold1940
2 – 4